meagan (igotcrazylove) wrote in flipflops,


hey y'all- im Meagan- im from northern virginia. i just joined the community.
im totally obsessed with flipflops- i can not go out shopping without buying atleast a pair.
i recently threw away a lot that i dont wear anymore- and here's what i have left:

haha, actually- thinkin' about that- i have probably 5 or six more pairs than in that photo... probably not compaired to some of y'all- but i seriously love my flipflops- i wear them year round... they're the best shoe ever =)


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Hey Meagan. I love the flip flops...and u have a ton haha!!! I'd love to see ur feet in em!!! Where in Northern Va do u live? I live in Woodbridge a little ways off of 95. Comment back!! :) And if you have any more flip flops or dressy shoes you dont want anymore, Id be GLAD to buy em from ya!!

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